We know all about software for printing houses

We are printers ourselves

Piotr Pakier

President, CEO.
Co-author and designer of the MnumiSystem. He established and successfully ran the first Polish internet printing house www.studiouh.com. He shares his experience at numerous training courses and presentations.


From an online printing house to software development.

It has taken us over 10 years to develop a web to print system capable of satisfying all the needs of an online printing house – today we see ourselves as experts in the field.  Our goal is to share our knowledge and above all, to implement our ideas in printing houses across the world.


Our mission

We aim to ensure that printing houses using our software can operate more effectively.  To this end, we carefully follow the latest achievements in IT, with particular focus on the needs of the printing industry.  Thanks to the results of our work and many years of experience in running a printing house, we feel entitled to claim that we have developed the best web to print system – Mnumi.


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