Customer Service

You can monitor the work status, check new orders and forward them to a given production line for implementation on an ongoing basis. You will always know what’s going on with a given order, allowing you to respond to a customer inquiry in just a few seconds! This allows you to save time and money, and above all to enhance customer satisfaction.

Work it out: if you process 50 orders a day and spend 5 minutes discussing each order with a customer, it adds up to 250 minutes or over 4 hours! That costs you the equivalent of half a workday of a trained employee.

You can reduce this time to a minimum, your customer will have been served more quickly and your customer service will be more efficient.



Give your customers a nice surprise and provide them with a quote even before you finish the phone call. The Mnumi Panel provides you with all the data necessary for the price calculation, even for the most complex of orders. Whether it’s the price of paper, printing, or binding, the system will process the data and create an error-free calculation ready to be sent to the customer within a few seconds.

Think about it: the average time spent on preparing a quote manually is 5 minutes; 100 quotes a day can take up to 500 minutes or over 8 hours. Mnumi will prepare a quote in 5 seconds, saving you the equivalent of an entire employee workday.


Technical chart and barcode

Each order has its own technical chart and barcode, storing the production path and the details as to who worked on a given order, what was done and when. Such information will ensure that an employee cannot pass off a given order to the next processing stage if it is defective. This gives you the guarantee that not a single faulty product will leave your printing house. This benefits your customers, your company’s reputation and above all, reaps tangible financial savings.

Think about it: if we assume that there is an error in 1% of all realized orders and you execute 50 orders a day with an average order value of PLN 200, then:

50 orders x 20 days = 1,000 orders, 1% of which translates to 10 orders with a value of $ 100 each. It’s easy to calculate – you’d save $ 1,000 this way.


Packaging is about more than just printing off address labels. It involves gathering all of a given customer’s orders into one package, automatically generating a log of dispatched items and printing out waybills for UPS couriers. Packaging also includes sending text messages to confirm that orders have been dispatched, as well as handling pay-on-delivery orders.

Efficient mass production is impossible without automatic packaging, which amounts to much more than saving on another full-time employee.


Company Management

By implementing Mnumi, you gain what a company owner needs the most – access to data, the ability to monitor all the processes and to manage the company remotely.
The system gathers information in one location. You can use that data however you want – check sales volumes by product, make year-on-year sales comparisons, precisely monitor the performance of the graphic designers and sales team and compensate them accordingly, calculate the implementation cost of each order, taking fixed costs into account and allocating them to each given order.