Mnumi Shop uses the most cutting edge Content Managing System in the world – WordPress

By using this system, you have access to the latest online marketing tools, allowing you to sell your products and services online effectively.

Products created with Mnumi allow a printing house to realize its full potential

You can create your own products, whereas the unique algorithm calculates their price online. The level of complexity or number of binding finishes does not have any impact on the price calculation time. The customer receives a quote in just a few seconds. We provide assistance and support in developing product forms and their presentation on the website.

Historia zamówień

The order history allows archived work to be reimplemented

The system stores all the files attached by customers and prepared by the graphic studio.  Nearly 20% of the orders of printing houses using the Mnumi System are repeat orders.  If you make your file archive available to your customers, you will find your production output is increased by repeat orders.

Your customers can preview their invoices

The ability to check the settlement status, print invoices, or monitor payments are only some of the finance and accounting functions offered by the Mnumi System.  Send electronic invoices to your customers and you will save over PLN 1,000 a month!