Are you looking for ways to reach new clients

and increase the number of orders?

Add your own graphic design to your print products,

display them on your website

and see how eager your customers will be to use them.


Use the MnumiWizard

to create your own graphic designs

You can prepare templates of business cards, invitations, posters or fliers.  You can add any number of them to each print product.  If you wish, your clients will be able to edit and change these designs.  This will allow you to develop your own unique design service.  The Wizard is a simple, reliable and intuituve tool, which doesn’t require any technical knowledge.


Mnumi provides you
with ready-made templates

The calendar and photo album market is growing faster each year.  Grab this opportunity and start selling them today.  We have created 30 ready-made design templates for calendars and photo albums.  If you buy our System, you will receive them all as part of the implementation package.